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Leverage Global Partners is thrilled to announce our new partnership with Loft47

Loft47 Technologies Announce Alliance Partnership with Leverage Global Partners

This partnership provides members of the Leverage network exclusive access to our team of experts and the Loft platform.

“We are very excited to see the partnership with the Leverage Group come together. As a resource to independent Brokerages, they deliver outstanding services and value to their members.” says Sasha Hryciuk, CEO at Loft. “Their commitment to innovation, education and support align closely with our values at Loft. By teaming up, we are empowering independent Brokerages to streamline their operations so they can focus on higher value activities, like recruiting, retention and selling.”

Inspired by a steadfast determination to elevate the field of play, Leverage Global Partners empowers an international network of prestigious independent real estate companies through shared intelligence, agile marketing strategies, and entrepreneurial connectivity.

Loft is the industry’s fresh new platform for Brokerages to manage sale commissions on Residential and Commercial Real Estate transactions. This platform tracks commission earned, commission disbursements and automates Agent fees to make the basics of paying out deals dead simple. Behind the scenes, Loft provides full accounting transactions, too. They handle all deal related financial activity, as well as provide Brokerages and Agents financial and production reporting.

This partnership will strengthen the relationships previously established with several Leverage Brokerages; Red Oak Realty being one of note. Vanessa Bergmark, Broker/Owner, was an early adopter of Loft. She is an industry leader and a Leverage ambassador. The energy and success of the team at Red Oak led Loft to get further involved with the Leverage network.

Leverage offers a wide variety of services for their Brokerages, including networking, training, thought leadership workshops as well as marketing and referral opportunities. Loft looks forward to participating in that offering and providing additional value through deeper discussions on Real Estate finance and operations. They will be participating in Mastermind, Think Tank and several other Leverage events this year, so stay tuned!

For a limited time, Loft is offering all Leverage Brokerages their first month of licensing free when signing up. Click here for more information.


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