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6 Delicious (and Different) Ingredients from Across the US Make Up Your Favorite New Meal This Fall

The leaves are turning brown. The air is becoming crisp. The days are ever shorter. It’s officially Fall in the Northern Hemisphere, and we’re already dreaming up the delicious recipes we’re going to cook up to usher in Autumn!

This year, we’re pushing past our comfort zones — and our timezones, too! — and focusing on fun new dishes that feature favored ingredients from around the United States. From Wisconsin’s famous cheese to the sweet salmon of Alaska, we’ve curated a festive Fall feast that is sure to delight your taste buds and hopefully connect you to the favored culinary component of a new community.

Cinnamon (Wyoming)

Cinnamon is not only Wyoming’s favorite spice; it’s Wyoming’s most popular food ingredient overall! According to Food Genius, residents of Wyoming prefer cinnamon over every other ingredient (or, at least, on top of every other ingredient) — and we can’t blame them. Try this Hot Cinnamon Apple Brandy Cider to get your next dinner party started!

Recipe: Hot Cinnamon Apple Brandy Cider (via allrecipes.com)

Cheese (Wisconsin)

Who does cheese better than Wisconsin? You — after you whip up the Autumn Harvest Cheese Board as an appetizer for your first meal of the Fall season. While Wisconsin is traditionally known for its cheese production, people from around the US (and around the world) are big fans of the dairy product. That’s why we’re so certain that this cheese board will be a hit no matter when you serve it!

Recipe: Autumn Harvest Cheese Board (via Host the Toast)

Apples (Virginia)

Your second appetizer comes straight from one of Fall’s favorite fruits — just ask the residents of Virginia! The state of Virginia is known for having apples aplenty, having produced over 195 million pounds of apples in 2013 alone. Apples are also a delicious Fall snack — especially when they’re baked with brown sugar and butter, as in the delicious recipe we’ve shared below.

Recipe: Baked Apples (via Simply Recipes)

Salmon (Alaska)

This sweet-and-smoky salmon is the perfect main dish for a Fall feast: it’s not only sweet and smoky — it’s flavorful and healthy to boot! Alaskan salmon is known for being a rich source of vitamins and minerals, not to mention being exceptionally fresh and delicious. Take the taste up a notch with this sweet-and-smoky cedar-planked salmon recipe!

Recipe: Sweet-and-Smoky Cedar-Planked Salmon (via Country Living)

Potatoes (Idaho)

Idaho’s rich soil and precipitous climate make it the (literal) ideal ground for growing spuds, and mashed potatoes make the perfect side dish for every meal this Fall season. Try the Holiday Mashed Potatoes from Genius Kitchen at your first holiday party, and enjoy the appetizing vegetable that Idahoans have been relishing for years.

Recipe: Holiday Mashed Potatoes (via Genius Kitchen)

Chocolate (Tennessee)

According to the research from Food Genius, Tennesseans like to end their meals with a little chocolate — and we do, too! Why not craft this Salted Caramel Chocolate Pecan Pie for your next Fall dessert? Somehow we think residents of Tennessee aren’t the only ones who appreciate a sweet chocolate treat.

Recipe: Salted Caramel Chocolate Pecan Pie (via Southern Living)

What delicious ingredient will you include in your favorite meals this Fall?

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