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How-To: Pack Light

For those times when you need a vacation from your holiday vacation, here are tips on how to pack for a quick weekend getaway without making a fuss.

1.) Know your agenda. Before setting out the weekender bag, know what you are going to do, or at least want to do, for the next three days. Go for a run on the beach? Spend the night out dancing? These activities require specific pieces.

2.) Recognize your limitations. Once you know what activities you will be doing during your weekend getaway, pick a bag that can keep up without weighing you down. Having a finite amount of space to fill can also help to deter you from throwing in that extra pair of shoes.

Jon Hart, Weekender Bag

3.) Lay it all out there. Everyone has that itch to bring something ‘just in case’ whether it’s another pair of sandals or a backup dress. But rather than fighting it, embrace it. Lay everything out for you to see including those extra pieces. Then, take two of them out of the line-up. It doesn’t matter which two because chances are you won’t miss them anyway.

4.) Transition with ease. While that burgundy velvet jumper is currently a favorite go-to from your closet, how often will you really wear it over the weekend? When putting outfits together, think of pieces that can transition from day to night and back again. For example, a crisp white button down can be dressed up for dinner with some statement jewelry or dressed down for a bike ride around the city with jeans and sneakers.


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