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Whether intentionally designed or an architectural gaffe, small spaces or nooks as they are often affectionately called, have become in vogue in homes today. Here are some tips on how to transform your nook into a cozy retreat for this fall.


Replace your light summer blanket with a plush throw. Choose one with a color that compliments the space for that monochromatic feel or go bold with a vibrant hue.


When we think of a nook often times a cushioned bench comes to mind. While it can be a good fit for small spaces, a bench is not mandatory for yours. Play around with the seating that works best for your space — and your personal preference — whether that be an antique rocking chair or a stylish chaise lounge.


Whether you like to read, write, draw, or anything in between, you’ll want those supplies readily available when you settle into your nook. Avoid the clutter by incorporating pieces that will add to the space without being obvious like a chic cabinet with a classic design.


Not every nook has the good fortune of natural lighting. But don’t be deterred by architectural hurdles. When you need to brighten things up opt for a floor lamp that will also make a stylish statement.


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