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3 Home Decor Trends to Watch for in 2017

What will be en vogue in home décor and design in 2017? We’ve handpicked three of the latest style trends to be on the watch for in the New Year.


Wooden headboards are so 2016. Add a hint texture and luxury to your bedroom with an upholstered headboard. Available in an array of styles, shapes, and sizes, it's a staple in fine hotels around the world. So why not bring that opulence home with you?



Behr releases a limited-edition collection of colors every year. For 2017, it’s divided in to three palettes: comfortable, composed, and confident. And it's all that, and more. Designed with you in mind, the collection includes soft pinks and yellows that will pair well with the guest bedroom along with shades of muted blues and grays perfectly-suited for the kitchen. With names like “Life is a Peach,” “Wanderlust,” and “Jade Dragon,” there is a shade for any space you're looking to revive.



In today's 24/7 digital age, your home should be an escape from the chaos. Having a place to detox from the hustle and bustle of the every day will be on trend in 2017. But even if you don't have a private space or nook, you can apply this style to any room. Let the room breath by simplifying the layout, remove the technology, and incorporate natural materials like cork or plywood.




Sophie Duvall is an email marketer living in the Texas Hill Country. A graduate of the University of Texas at Austin with a degree in journalism her passions include travel, design, and – like every true Texan – queso.

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