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Cheers to the Holidays: Scrumptious Sips & Bountiful Bites

It’s the time of year for entertaining — give your guests the most delicious experience of the holiday season with a classic cheese board and a cool cocktail.


Putting together a cheese board can be likened to creating a piece of art, there are no boundaries. From flavors and color to shapes and texture, the board is your edible canvas.

When selecting the cheeses to feature on your board, there are a few basics you can follow whether you’re hosting a dinner party or casual get together with friends.

  • Quantity: Select 3–5 cheeses at most, you don’t want to overwhelm your guests.
  • Texture: Choose cheeses of different texture, from creamy and soft to hard and aged.
  • Taste: Diversify your board with different milks like goat, cow, and sheep.

While cheese is undoubtedly the pièce de résistance, don’t forget about the supporting roles…

Honey will add a delicious contrast of sweet to savory. While nuts like Marcona almonds provide that little crunch, and pair well with aged cheeses like Gruyère and Manchego.

Give your guests a taste of fall with seasonal fruits like figs, apples, and pears. And finally, bring every delicious piece together with the biggest supporting role of all — crackers.


Now that you’ve got your bites, you need a sip to match. But why not leave the choice to your guests? Here are a few ideas to please any palette:

With bubbles:

A classic Champagne cocktail like this one featured on Esquire.com is perfect for the more elegant setting.

With whiskey:

This popular whiskey cocktail from the Freehand Hotel in Chicago was featured on Travel + Leisure as a local favorite in the Windy City.

With vodka:

For a tart twist on a classic, try this Blood Orange Moscow Mule from the Blahnik Baker with homemade blood orange simple syrup.

What's YOUR favorite recipe of this holiday season?

Photos courtesy of Travel + Leisure, Blahnik Baker, Esquire  
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