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Meet Jack Leslein: Owner of East Oahu Realty, Oahu

In 1992, Jack Leslein, Owner of East Oahu Realty, ventured forward with his dream of creating a company of agents that would make a difference, not only in the lives of their customers, but in the community at large. To that end, he recruited experienced, highly successful Realtors who shared both his core values and principles. Jack’s key principle of servant leadership shaped the foundation of the company and continues to permeate every aspect of the company's decision-making today.

In order to forge ahead with his dream of building a customer-centric company, Jack sold his own home to raise capital. His willingness to give up his home is just one example of the selflessness that Jack has exhibited at East Oahu Realty throughout the years. He remains a leader with a servant’s heart and continues to exemplify the importance of putting others first.

Jack is very pleased with the difference East Oahu Realty (EOR) has made within the lives of both its clients and its agents. With a focus on high touch and personalized service, clients have come to count on East Oahu Realty and its agents, knowing that no matter the challenge, they will be met with genuine care and concern. Agents have come to know East Oahu Realty as home.

The solid principles that built the company continue to be a driving force, providing the necessary support for each individual member of the team to succeed. Together, the East Oahu Realty team has made a difference in countless lives and in the community at large. Raising funds for handicapped children, cleaning the highway, supporting local schools, adopting a deployed squadron, walking for life, and contributing to the Rotary Club and various organizations are just a few of the ways East Oahu Realty has made a difference. Of course, the biggest differences occur as relationships are built, trust is established, and lifetime bonds are formed.

Living and working on the island of Oahu provide reasons to give thanks daily. Their aina (land) is blessed with spectacular beauty and weather, but what Jack and the team love most about Oahu is its people. The diversity of cultures, the sense of ohana (family), and the "Spirit of Aloha" that defines their island combine to create a community unlike any other.

Jack's family has played an integral role in East Oahu Realty, as well. He started the company with his wife, Shirley, by his side, and they continue to partner in the decisions that drive the company. Jack’s daughter, Kim Leslein-Soares, is the Executive Vice-President of the company, and she shares both Jack’s vision and his management philosophy.

Jack is an entertainer at heart. Before adventuring into real estate, he worked in theatre and still loves to dance. He has also worked in the hotel and banquet business, as well as had an earlier stint in the automotive and the appliance industries. Real estate came later in Jack’s life, but his dream of serving people through making a difference in their lives was forged in his younger years and is in large part a result of his value-centered upbringing.

Jack’s turning point occurred when he worked for a real estate company whose philosophy did not match his own. He knew without a doubt that he could do a better job by creating a company that focused on what mattered – customer service and care. He also knew that he could provide agents with an environment that fostered support and encouraged them to achieve their own individual dreams.

Technology has its place at East Oahu Realty, as well, as it has implemented new technologies that provide agents with all of the necessary tools to meet their clients’ needs. Social media is an integral part of their communication, along with their paperless philosophy and Internet capabilities, but there is still no substitute for strong personal bonds forged over the years.

Jack’s number one outside interest is his family, especially his seven adorable grandchildren. If he isn’t attending one of their sports events, dance recitals or canoe races, he can probably be spotted watching a Red Wings hockey game or a tennis match.

Colleagues, friends and clients all describe Jack the same way – he is diplomatic, fair, kind, and generous. He is a lover of people and they love him in return. He is known to be a great diffuser and he has the ability to listen objectively and to solve issues readily. These character qualities combine to make him a great leader and an even better team player.

Leverage Global Partners is pleased to have Jack Leslein and East Oahu Realty on board.

Header photo courtesy of Temur Madjderey’s Flickr

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