Our Favorite Pins of the Week: Dining Rooms with Exquisite Wood Paneling

Originally used for insulation purposes, wood paneling is now a versatile and decorative addition to many living areas. With different colors, textures, and structures, this popular accent can be anything from ornate to modern minimalist.

We searched the very best of Pinterest this week to share our favorite wood-paneled dining rooms. From rustic light-toned wood, to vibrant blue hues and textured-wall pairings, these dining rooms create a warm and inviting place to share fabulous meals with family and friends.

Get ready to spark your home decor imagination:

Explore our Leverage Pinterest boards for even more incredible interior design ideas!

Which wood paneling style would you most like to have in your dining room? Please share your ideas and leave your comments below.

Cover photo courtesy of DecorPad.com
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