Get to know Alex “Buzz” MacWilliam III, Co-Founder of Leverage Partner Alex MacWilliam Inc. in Vero Beach, Florida.

What is your vision for Alex MacWilliam Inc., and were there any struggles or obstacles you had to initially overcome?

Alex MacWilliam, Inc. Real Estate has been serving the needs of Vero Beach and Indian River County, Florida since 1949. We are a diversified real estate brokerage with 65 sales associates. Last year alone we sold homes valued from $30,000 to $19.6 million. I expect Leverage Global Partners will assist my vision of enhancing our market share in the high end luxury market of homes over $1 million. One of my philosophies is we don’t have to be the biggest with the highest market share, but we do want to be #1 in customer service. Last year 2013, we finished number 2 in the market share for our MLS. For years Avis car rental was number 2 behind hertz and they had the slogan “We Try Harder”. That is us.

Who are your mentors in your business career?

That is an easy one. My father Alex MacWilliam Jr.I graduated college in 1980 thinking that I would become a lawyer. Before I enrolled in law school, my father asked me if I would be interested in joining him in his real estate business. I took just 24 hours to say yes. I had the pleasure of working side by side with my father, 5 days a week for 33 years and we never had a disagreement. That is an experience most fathers and sons never have. The first thing my father taught me about business was the importance of your reputation. He said you must deal with honesty, integrity and fairness to all. You can’t place your personal interest above your client’s or sales team. My brother-in-law and I operate the business and I am proud to say that our sons have now joined us and we are teaching them those same values.

How has technology changed and impacted your approach to business?

The changes in technology have streamlined our business tremendously. Gone are my father’s days of multiple listing books, driving around town to pick up keys and writing sales contracts on the hood of your car. Today with personal computers, smartphones, contract software and electronic lockboxes, we can do everything in a fraction of the time.

What do you love most about the area you live and work in?

Love most about my area-I tell people that I was “born lucky” having been born and raised in Vero Beach, Fl. Both my parents were born in Vero Beach and my Grandfather, Alex Sr. served as city Mayor of Vero Beach for 24 years. We have deep family roots here. Vero Beach is on the Atlantic Ocean about 100 miles north of Miami and 90 minutes southeast of Orlando. I have travelled all over the continental United States, Hawaii, Central America, the Caribbean and Europe. Every time I return home and drive over the bridge that connects our mainland to the barrier island where I live and work, I say to myself “There’s no place like home”.

What are some of your outside interests?

Living the quintessential Florida lifestyle, I enjoy golf, surfing, saltwater fishing and hunting. When I’m not outdoors I enjoy reading and cooking. My family are big college football fans and attend several games a year. I am a Florida Gator Alumni, my wife graduated from Ohio State, my son from Ole Miss and my daughter is a senior at the University of Alabama. We are huge SEC football fans. We don’t always care who wins as long as we are tailgating.

How do you think your colleagues would describe you?

I am known as a peacemaker. I am very approachable and my door is always open. Many of our local competing brokers call me to discuss issues and ask for advice, even though my company may not be involved in the matter. One of my colleagues said she gave up trying to recruit my agents, because they are always happy and never want to move. That is because of my father’s lesson: treat everyone with honesty, integrity and respect. I treat everyone equally.

Leverage Global Partners is proud to have Buzz MacWilliam and the team at Alex MacWilliam, Inc. as our partners in the network.

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