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Fox Los Angeles Features Leverage Member in their Top Property Segment

Top Property: An estate in Palos Verdes Estates with uninterrupted ocean views, wine cellar.

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How to Set Up the Perfect Open House

Creating a vision of a desirable lifestyle is what brands the world over aim to do. From buying shampoo, a holiday or in this case a home, we want to imagine ourselves living the life we have always dreamt of. As real estate agents we have the opportunity to showcase a home and at the same time walk people through the real life reality they have always imagined. Creating the perfect open house holds the opportunity for both a successful sell but also very happy buyers.

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  • Ultra Lux
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  • Interior Design

Desert Oasis

Nowadays, when you think of the desert it’s less the dystopian backdrop of a George Miller film and more of an oasis for adventure and relaxation. The dry climate coupled with the pleasantly warm temperatures of the springtime make the desert the perfect place for a weekend getaway. These destinations with their luxury resorts, local eateries, and outdoor activities should be at the top of your list to experience.

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