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Inspiration: Gorgeous Gallery Walls

Putting together a gallery wall in your home consists of more than just randomly arranging different pieces of art in an empty space. It is an expression of style, taste, and aesthetic that can make a big visual impact and tell a story about who lives there, what and who they love, and what makes them happy.

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How to Set Up the Perfect Open House

Creating a vision of a desirable lifestyle is what brands the world over aim to do. From buying shampoo, a holiday or in this case a home, we want to imagine ourselves living the life we have always dreamt of. As real estate agents we have the opportunity to showcase a home and at the same time walk people through the real life reality they have always imagined. Creating the perfect open house holds the opportunity for both a successful sell but also very happy buyers.

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Ready, Set, Summer

Tips for Updating Your Home This Season

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