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The Rise of Prefab

Prefabricated “prefab” homes are an increasingly popular trend among homebuyers. They’re often a more affordable, more customizable and faster option for those looking to move into a new home with a lot less fuss. As the name suggests, prefab homes are manufactured off-site, then transported to and assembled at their final destination.

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Saturday in the Neighborhood: New Orleans

The best nicknames are earned, not freely given. This remains true when it comes to “The Big Easy.” Only in New Orleans is it so easy to find music that makes you want to dance down the street, drinks that are mixed for the sole purpose of toasting in celebration, and hospitality that makes you feel like home could be anywhere in the presence of a friendly smile.

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  • Traditional Architecture
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How to Upgrade Your Home on a Budget

With the new year quickly approaching, many people have upgrades on the brain: from personal improvements (like going to the gym three times a week) to professional improvements (such as going after that promotion), fresh starts and life upgrades seem to be on everyone’s agenda.

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