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Corey Ash

Corey Ash

Corey is an accomplished and professional real estate agent serving Toronto and the surrounding areas. As a licensed realtor, he brings a very strategic and stylish approach to the home buying process with unique sets of qualities that set him apart. He is a reliable realtor who will work tirelessly to ensure each motivated individual happily possesses a place they can call home. Whether you are a buyer or a seller, you will appreciate Corey’s proficiency, connections and innovative approach to real estate. Not only are his tactics distinct, but they have been shaped by over 6 years of experience in the hospitality industry and over 5 years in sales. This gave him insight into the world of real estate, as well as equipped him with skills in communication, negotiation, and customer service. Corey takes a keen interest in his clients' needs and he is able to exceed their expectations. His excellent customer service and vast knowledge of the industry have led to continuously expanding networks of loyal clients and referrals. He has a friendly personality that is easy to connect with, which makes him the perfect agent to turn your dreams into reality. It's not just about business; Corey is in it to create strengthening and growing relationships by making an impact in people's lives through real estate. When he is not at the closing tables, Corey enjoys sports, concerts and time with his family. He will definitely say yes to an invitation to any activity that keeps his adrenaline-fuelled.

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