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Santa Monica, CA, USA

This seaside location has been featured so frequently in movies and television shows that it may seem instantly familiar. Santa Monica’s resort appeal stretches back over a century and beachside chic combines glamorous shopping, a thriving downtown, and the energy of the many entrepreneurs who have launched startups in the area. The Santa Monica lifestyle is a mix of laidback beach style with a side of Los Angeles hustle. Outdoor living is the order of the day whether it is biking along the strand, strolling along Montana Avenue or taking an outdoor fitness class in the park while enjoying an ocean view. Santa Monica’s real estate is as varied as its citizenry. There are a variety of homes for sale, from beachy bungalows to new construction luxury homes and condo buildings.

Location Represented By
Halton Pardee + Partners
  • 12:30pm local time
  • 92.5 thousand population
  • 68°F local temperature

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