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Location: Maui

Remarkable beaches, magnificent waterfalls and breathtaking views, Maui radiates natural beauty. Settled between two mountains, Maui is referred to as the “Valley Isle,” and is the second largest Hawaiian island and home to Leverage Partner The Wailea Group.

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Location: Vancouver

The unspoiled natural beauty of Vancouver frequently ends up permanently seducing unsuspecting visitors to this coastal city in British Columbia. Home to the busiest and largest port in Canada, the city is just behind Toronto in diversity. And, at 1,100 square miles with a population of over 600,000, it is the most densely populated Canadian municipality.

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  • Vancouver

Location: Washington D.C.

With nearly 30 percent of D.C.'s population employed by the federal government and an incredibly strong tourism industry, the District seems almost immune to economic downturn. Even during the height of the global recession in 2008–2009, D.C.'s top-notch hotels remained sold out, its exclusive restaurants and bars filled to capacity, and the city's landmarks grew busier than ever.

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  • Voice from the Street
  • Arts & Culture
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  • Washington, D.C, USA


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