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Shop The Store: Restoration Hardware

In late 2012, Restoration Hardware rebranded as RH closing its previous mall-based stores in favor of opening larger standalone showrooms to exhibit a greater range of products in design-centric vignettes.

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Shop The Store: Marie France Van Damme

After decades in the mass-market retail fashion industry, Montreal-born, Hong Kong–based designer Marie France Van Damme launched her own collection of high-end resort wear for women in 2011.

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Living with Pets

We love our dogs and cats and can’t live without them. But we don’t always love their contributions to our households: pet hair, muddy paws, etc. When it comes to planning your decor around a furry friend, there are the obvious workarounds. It’s always better to avoid wall-to-wall carpeting—stick to hardwoods, stone or ceramic tile.

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