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Escape to Provence: Hidden Treasures of the Backcountry

Provence is so well known that you might think it has no surprises.

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Live and Eat Healthier: Build Your Own Garden

Take a look at your yard. Find that swath of lawn maybe alongside your house, out back next to your patio, or that spot you always walk past on your way down the driveway. What better way to make use of this space than with a sustainable vegetable garden?

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  • Sustainable Living
  • Gorgeous Gardens

Our Favorite Pins of the Week: Awesome Outdoor Summer Furniture

As the weather gets warmer and the sun stays up longer, your outdoor living space can be enjoyed well into the evening. Whether it’s a sunny weekend lounging area or an after-dinner hangout spot, cozy outdoor furniture creates a wonderful ambiance for any backyard or patio.

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  • Seasonal

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