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Meet Scott Carmody: Managing Director, Partners Trust Santa Monica

“It's very empowering to know that the better we do (as a group), the better we independently do," says Scott Carmody, Managing Director of Partners Trust's Santa Monica office. "Everybody here likes to help others and it shows in our success as a company. We collaborate on great ideas and training to make everyone better at what they do."

As a Manager, Scott provides expertise to staff and agents, with his intimate knowledge of contracts, a strong, patient demeanor, and the ability to bring clarity to tense, complicated negotiations.

Scott is proud that everyone at Partners Trust truly loves coming to work each day.

“There is not a single Associate that I wouldn't trust to represent me in a transaction as a buyer or seller." As part of his duties, Scott conducts quarterly reviews, strategy sessions, pep talks and training at all levels of an agent's expertise and experience.

How do you and Partners Trust utilize Social Media?

Scott: I am a big believer in blogging. I share our agents’ success stories to educate on its effectiveness. It puts us out in front of people. They get to know us and trust us. Often, I may be in my car when a great blog idea comes to mind and I will leave myself a message on my voice mail to retrieve later. There is at least an hour each work day that I, or anyone, can find to devote to an aspect of social media.

What approach do you take to the 24-hours-a day demands of the real estate business?

Scott: I manage expectations at the beginning. I am available from the early morning until the evening, but everybody's got to have his or her downtime. I let people know they can reach me via text, voice mail or e-mail, but I'd rather have meetings with Associates in the office or over coffee because that's what's really effective.

What are some of your outside interests?

Scott: I love spending time with my kids and, as a backpacker my whole life, I am looking forward to a fall backpacking trip with my son. I am the king of projects and enjoy working in my garage where I can let my brain relax and my hands be busy.

Scott clearly loves what he does and feels fortunate to work in the cooperative environment of Partners Trust. Leverage Global Partners is proud to have them as a part of the network.

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