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Meet Scott Brown: Managing Director, Partners Trust Pasadena

"I believe in our product and I believe in where we're going," says an exuberant Scott Brown, Managing Director of Partners Trust's Pasadena Office, when talking about his company. "I'm a big fan of being surrounded by visionaries who value quality over quantity and uphold the highest standards of integrity, morals and reputation."

Scott is a twenty-four-year, top-producing real estate veteran, whose previous experiences under the corporate umbrella left him feeling unsatisfied. When he would propose changes or new ideas, he had to contend with layers of corporate roadblocks. Scott, along with his wife, Giusy, were consistently selling over 60 properties a year, and when the opportunity knocked to helm the Pasadena office, he jumped at the chance.

With ownership in the company (a percentage is set aside for each partner associate at the company, vested over time) Scott can sit across the table from a potential client with a completely different mindset. "It holds a lot of water to be able to talk not only as an agent, but an owner," says Scott. As Managing Director, Scott oversees the entire office and all its associates. He leads weekly "action meetings" where "we work as a team and talk as owners" when making decisions about marketing or advertising or anything that affects the bottom line.

Leverage: How has social media been incorporated into your and your agents’ business practices?

Scott: It was a little overwhelming at first, but Partners Trust has a social media expert and a data analyst on staff to help all of us. They do seminars on how to blog, assist us in using Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, provide analysis and statistics on any market and are available exclusively for this purpose.

Leverage: How do you handle the new 24-hours-a-day business expectations?

Scott: When I started [years ago], we didn't even have a fax machine. We've become better equipped and much more efficient now that we have the technology of our smart phones. If someone is heading out to see Open Houses and forgets the newspaper at home, they can pull up all the listings at their fingertips.

Leverage: What drew you to Pasadena?

Scott: My wife and I met in Milan, where she was born and raised, and on a visit to Pasadena, we fell in love with the culture, the preservation of the neighborhoods and were both reminded of Italy. Walking-friendly parklets are being planned which will surround the new Partners Trust office (opening this month); it will be a central location for dining and activity.

When not in the office, or with their two Jack Russell terriers, Scott and Giusy share a passion for exercise and fitness and have an ownership interest in the popular Pasadena gym Breakthru Fitness. They love kickboxing, yoga, and Zumba and have been featured in numerous workout DVDs.

Leverage Global Partners is proud to have Scott Brown and Partners Trust as valued members of the network.

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