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After the capital island of St. Vincent, Bequia is the largest of the thirty-two islands that make up the island state of St. Vincent & the Grenadines.

Known for its friendly people, crystal clear waters and beautiful beaches, Bequia presents a unique charm. With a relaxed pace, easy-going spirit and only six thousand inhabitants, the island feels like home from the moment you arrive where you are always greeted with a warm hello as you walk along the street.

Bequia has two seasons, the wet and dry. During the dry season, which typically ranges from December/January to late April/early May, you will find clear, sunny skies, good sailing breezes, low humidity and minimal rainfall, making the dry season the ideal time to visit.  The island is reliant on rain for its water, so the arrival of the wet season in May/June is always welcomed. The warmer summer months that make up the wet season bring a mixture of cooling showers, sunshine and light breezes with the occasional heavy downpour.

Bequia's world-class beaches top the list of places to visit. Enjoy the cool Caribbean breeze and hop in an open-backed taxi. Venture out and explore the best places for unhindered island views - all while feeling the wind in your hair and the sun rays on your face. Exploring the island, you'll find palm tree groves, farmers, homesteaders and occasional livestock such as goats, cows and chickens. With endless activities to choose from, vacationers can enjoy the likes of snorkeling, scuba diving, trekking, boating or sailing, shopping and dining. 

Spring-Top is your Caribbean island getaway affording breathtaking views of the island of St. Vincent. Visit The Old Hegg Turtle Sanctuary where you can see turtle eggs hatch and transfer to small concrete pools, which gives them a better chance of survival in the wild. The Bequia Maritime Museum is located on the road from Port Elizabeth to Hamilton. Here you can enjoy an informative guided tour and learn how Bequia's Scottish ancestors introduced the art of boat building. The museum also contains a selection of intricately fashioned model boats, including detailed replicas of historic vessels.

The ruin of Fort Hamilton is located on the northern end of Admiralty Bay. A cannon battery and look-out, the fort was constructed by the British in the 1700s. Though little of the fortification remains, you can still see cannons, as well as enjoy a panoramic view of the bay.

One of the best ways to explore Bequia is on foot as it is a mountainous island and is mostly covered with natural forest. If you are looking for a workout, hike Mount Peggy, or as locals call it, "Ma peggy," which reaches nearly 900ft and takes roughly two to three hours to complete. The invigorating hike will not disappoint as camera worthy views await at the top, offering unmatched 360-degree views of the island overlooking Admiralty Bay down to the beaches of Lower Bay and Princess Margaret. You can also see St Vincent in the distance. 

Another great place to visit is Princess Margaret Beach, a beautiful stretch of light-colored sand framed by lush green hills and turquoise blue water where you can quietly relax and spend the day lounging in the sun. 

Head to De Reef for lunch, a local favorite, where you can find seafood platters and cold drinks. Located on Lower Bay beach, it offers a wide variety of local dishes to satisfy everyone's taste. A second community favorite, Chameleon Cafe, located in the heart of Port Elizabeth, offers a wide selection of coffee and pastries to fuel up on before embarking on your days adventure. 

The Old Fort, Historic Estate & Plantation, is a great place to stay. Constructed with cobblestones and wood beams in the classic French-Mediterranean mansion-house style, it's the only fully restored historic plantation in St. Vincent & the Grenadines. The Old Fort is set high on the top of Mt. Pleasant and offers views overlooking the Grenadine Islands that stretch far Southward into the distance. The kitchen draws on fresh local produce and is famous for its fantastic cuisine with the restaurant, a wholly Shangri-La affair, that turns into a magical setting at night. This intimate, unique hotel is ideal for guests seeking a relaxed laid-back atmosphere, while being conveniently located to the best beaches and activities.

Don't forget to pick up a souvenir! Amble over to the main harbor, Admirality Bay, for boutique shops and cafes along the waterfront, or head into Port Elizabeth, where there are open-air markets and supplies. Don't forget to checkout the colonial-style architecture as you walk through the town. For a larger variety of shops, take the ferry over to Kingstown. 



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