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There’s a common expression that a home is where the heart is." But why limit yourself to just one special place?

With the holidays upon us, take a vacation from the ordinary and spend the season somewhere new. Whether it’s a cozy townhome on the beaches of Malibu or a spacious winter retreat in Vail, we have that next special place you can take your heart.

West Coast

Nestled between the Pacific Ocean and the majestic mountain ranges of the Sierra Nevada and the Cascade Range; the West Coast has a home away from home for everyone. Whether you prefer sandy beaches or lush green acreage of unobstructed views, except for the mountains of course, you will find it here.


Location of the original thirteen colonies, there’s something about the Northeast that makes you feel at home. Enjoy a view of the moors from your private estate in Nantucket, or take a trip along the coast to the picturesque New England town of Greenwich.


Where the sun shines most days of the year, the South is a rich mix of history, music, and cuisine. In the city of Charleston, old-world charm is matched only by world-renowned shopping and dining. While further south in Miami, you will find a wealth of culture and art along with a vibrant nightlife. 

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