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Leverage and F. Ron Smith Travel to China

Leverage President F. Ron Smith returned this week from China after spending time in Beijing and Shanghai. He joined the Partners Trust Real Estate Brokerage & Acquisitions team on the journey, including Partners Trust President Nick Segal, Associate Partner David Berg, Associate Partner Maggie Chou Bell, Associate Partner Andrew Chan, Associate Partner Jennifer Chan, Associate Partner Andrew Chang, and Associate Partner Mark Kitching.

The trip to China began with a chance to spend time in the Partners Trust Shanghai office and connect with Partners Trust China Founder Sean Mei. The group struck the perfect mix of business and pleasure, attending business meetings, press events, and the Luxury Properties Showcase (LPS) Beijing conference, and still finding time to see the wonders of the area including a section of The Great Wall of China.

The Partners Trust/Leverage Global Partners booth at the LPS show was the perfect place to showcase the Partners Trust China keepsake book, a linen-covered bound book highlightings services and properties from both Leverage Global Partners and Partners Trust.

The book was distributed to Partners Trust Shanghai clients who represent the top 1% of high-net-worth individuals in China and have assets over $100 million, as well as distributed through private banking channels including the private banking department of China Merchants Bank.

F. Ron and the Partners Trust team had an extremely successful visit, and had the opportunity to meet with many investors and real estate agents who are very interested in purchasing properties in the United States. We look forward to returning for the LPS Guangzhou event this September!

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