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Meet Real Estate Associates: Upper Cape Cod, Massachusetts

Get to know Lynette Helms (CEO), Lisa Kenny (Principal/Realtor), and Matina Heisler (Realtor) of Leverage Partner Real Estate Associates in the Upper Cape Cod, Massachusetts area. 

From left: Lynette Helms (CEO), Lisa Kenny (Principal/Realtor), and Matina Heisler (Realtor)

What was your vision in founding/stepping into leadership at Real Estate Associates?

Lynette Helms: When I accepted the position of CEO, it was important to propel the company forward without disrupting its strong foundation in the community. To strengthen our community ties, the agents along with the company agreed to donate to Habitat for Humanity of Cape Cod from each closed sale. We have donated over $100,000 to help their mission of "building homes, changing lives and preserving community". Additionally, our five offices serve as drop-off locations for the local food pantries.

Lisa Kenny: Continuing on the tradition of the founding women who created this company. Our company was founded over forty years ago by the merging of three companies run by three exceptional pioneering women. I was personally inspired by my mother, one of the founding partners. Although she was in a wheelchair from the time she was forty and suffered from chronic pain, her joy in life was helping others. Through unflagging service to her clients she helped to build the foundation of the business we have today.

How has technology, social media and online marketing changed and/or impacted your approach to business?

Lynette Helms: Although technology has totally transformed how we conduct and market real estate, this is still a business based upon relationships, connections and trust. Our agents know our community and the families who reside or come to play here. Only the method of communication has changed.

Matina Heisler: We enjoy incorporating new tech and social media. Our main goal with any new technology is that it should fulfill a need for our clients or agents. We are fortunate that we are a well-established company, so the majority of our business is by referral and repeat clients. Thus the focus of our marketing and technology budget is used to promote our client's properties and to offer tools to help our buyers. Of course it is no surprise that by helping our clients be successful we become more successful too.

Lynette conducting a wall-raising ceremony for a Habitat for Humanity home on Cape Cod

Can you describe a significant turning point in your career?

Lisa Kenny: Our first expansion. We added a second location in West Falmouth which broadened the focus of our company. From that location we added four more offices. We currently have 65 highly skilled agents that specialize servicing their clients on the Upper Cape.

What do you love most about working and living in Cape Cod, MA?

Lynette Helms: We are connected to the mainland by two bridges, and returning to the Cape, crossing the bridge means "home". Every town and village has a unique flavor. Our waterfront is varied: there's the crashing surf of the National Seashore, the Northside beaches with vast tidal flats, the Southside waters warmed by the Gulf Stream, the harbors and salt marshes. The natural beauty of Cape Cod is stunning and tempers the most stressful day.

Matina Heisler: The lifestyle and the community. The rhythm of the seasons. The cheerful hubbub of the summertime and the reflective quiet of the winters. The beaches and boating aren't too shabby either!

Lisa Kenny: The seashore, kayaking to the island beaches, walking the woodland trails around the cranberry bogs & hidden ponds. The diversity of the residents in our community who gravitate here from all over the world to enjoy the natural beauty of our area and its casual yet sophisticated atmosphere .

The Kenny Heisler Team of Real Estate Associates

What is your daily "must-do"?

Lynette Helms: Weekday mornings I rise early and head to the gym for weight training, step aerobics or yoga.

Name one thing we might not know about you.

Lisa Kenny: I used to be a puppeteer! My first job was with the Animal Rescue League of Boston's education department. I traveled throughout the Boston area elementary schools giving live marionette shows to spread the message of the importance of being kind to animals.

Matina Heisler: I have curled since I was eight and have played in the United States Curling Association's National Championships several times.

Leverage Global Partners is proud to have Lynette Helms, Lisa Kenny, Matina Heisler, and the team at Real Estate Associates as our partners in the network.  

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