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Beauchamp Estates Vineyard Featured in NationalPost.com

We're happy to share that the story featuring the Beauchamp Vineyard Estate appeared online at NationalPost.com, reaching 25,491 unique monthly visitors.

Since reading Peter Mayle's A Year in Provence in 1989, I've dreamed of living in the south of France. Now I see the perfect property is for sale. Imagine life in Le Canadel, a restored 18th-century mansion awash with that amazing light - the kind that drove artists to absinthe because they could not capture it - pouring into rooms like airborne Champagne. I'd throw open the French windows (of course) on every one of its three floors, breathe in the heady scent of lavender and ripening grapes, and think myself in heaven. If only I could afford its $13-million price tag…

Read the rest of the article at NationalPost.com courtesy of Brenda McMillan.

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