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Fireplaces for Gathering

As summer comes to an end, the temperature starts to become a little crisp and we begin to cuddle up, put on layers, and sip hot beverages more often. What better place to throw on a sweater and grab a hot chocolate, than by the fireplace? From outside to in the bedroom to a family living room, here are some great fireplaces to find a spot to sit by.

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Turn Your Resolutions Into Reality

A new year brings with it the feeling, or need, for change. Society likes to call this feeling “New Year’s resolutions.” It can be fairly straightforward, like reading a book that’s been sitting on your bedside table or losing five pounds that have bothered you for years, but that doesn’t mean change is easy. It’s human nature to resist change. It’s a break in your normal routine which you’ve established for a reason — because it works for you and your current circumstances. Here are a few tips for making a change and sticking with it, turning your resolutions into your reality.

Travel Trends

Travel is magic. Whether for business or pleasure, going places broadens one’s view. Of course, getting there is not necessarily without hitches. But there are plenty of new ideas in travel tools that can help assure a smooth landing.

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